We are in the IT business for about 10 years now.


We are experts in IT support and data recovery services. Our technical team holds several certifications and Microsoft accreditation that let them maintain networks; provide disaster recovery solutions, security, virus protection, support services, etc. Our technicians can repair computers, tablets, laptop, and other devices of any model. They have in-depth knowledge about the products manufactured by different companies. They are comfortable working in any operating system.

We provide specific and scalable software to help our clients manage their resources. Along with support services, we provide IT training also. We provide short courses on desktop applications. When your computer fails to boot up, you need to bring your computer to experts like us. If you try to do something yourself, then you might do more damage to your computer and risk losing your precious data permanently. We have a clean room where we can repair your computer with modern tools and software. We can recover most of your data and create a backup for you.

As our business is growing, our approach to business and enterprise is also changing. We are always looking to make a different within our local communities where we operate. With many years of experience, we provide consumers and businesses with fast and efficient technologies. We try to address your request carefully in a timely fashion. With our skilled and professional engineers, we are here to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Apart from our repair, support and recovery services, we also provide some important software solutions to our customers. Our accreditions with various international organizations have made us more confident and have helped in providing quality service to our customers. 

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Did You Know?

Quickly launch a new instance of a program

Those taskbar icons can also be used to quickly launch a second instance of a program - a fresh browser window alongside an already populated one, for instance, or another Windows Explorer window.

Doing so is easy: Just hold down the Shift button, then open the program as you normally would, either via a left click of the mouse or the aforementioned quick-launch keyboard trick. Boom! A new, clean version of the software appears alongside the one you already have open.